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36W PDT LED Light Therapy Machine With Steamer Skin Rejuvenation

36W PDT LED Light Therapy Machine With Steamer Skin Rejuvenation

  • 36W PDT LED Light Therapy Machine With Steamer Skin Rejuvenation
  • 36W PDT LED Light Therapy Machine With Steamer Skin Rejuvenation
  • 36W PDT LED Light Therapy Machine With Steamer Skin Rejuvenation
  • 36W PDT LED Light Therapy Machine With Steamer Skin Rejuvenation
  • 36W PDT LED Light Therapy Machine With Steamer Skin Rejuvenation
36W PDT LED Light Therapy Machine With Steamer Skin Rejuvenation
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: oem
Certification: ce
Model Number: ame47
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1pcs
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: 1pc/box
Delivery Time: 5-8 working days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 1000pcs/month
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Detailed Product Description
Type: Pdt Led Light Therapy Feature: Skin Rejuvenation
Product Name: Led Light Therapy Machine Application: Aesthetic Center,beauty Spa
Certification: CE ROHS Color: 7 Lights To Adjustable
High Light:

36W PDT LED Light Therapy Machine


36W LED PDT machine


LED PDT machine with steamer

newst 7 colors led light therapy with foldable design pdt therapy with steamer


led light Tips:

For people with too much abdominal fat, other objects such as books and stools can be used on the sole of the instrument, so as to meet the special lighting needs.The time of each irradiation can be increased or decreased within 30-60min with 5min as a unit. It can be irradiated more frequently. It is recommended not to exceed 60min per day Please do a good job of alcohol poisoning for public goods when there are many people in the experience shop or medical beauty institution who use it repeatedly. In order to achieve the purpose of health and prolong the life of the instrument.Calcium light UV and other wave light can work independently. Can also work together; working hours can also be set independently. However, all of them are limited in the range of safe exposure time. For details, please refer to "IV. operation guide".Adaptive population: please refer to "5. Search the existing medical literature according to the literature base, and summarize the role of light in each bandns sucessful operation. Pressing or beating rudely is not recommended.


Products name LED PDT machine
Rated Voltage 100-240V, 50-60Hz
Output Voltage 24V
Rated Power 36W
Application home use, beauty salon



1. Standby state: calcium light tube. All function light boards are closed:

2. Red light function: when the red light function is turned on, the function is bright red. Enter red mode:

3. Green light function: when the green light function is turned on, the function will be bright green and enter the green light mode:

4. Blue light function: when the blue light function is on. Function bright blue light. Enter blue mode:

5. Yellow light function: when the yellow light function is turned on, the function is bright yellow light. Enter yellow mode:

6. Orange light function: when the orange light function is turned on, the function is bright orange light. Enter orange mode:

7. Purple light function: when the purple light function is turned on, the function is bright. Enter violet mode:

8. Automatic light function: when the circulating light function is on. The function light board has red orange yellow green green purple light alternate switching:

a) Note: red light: - orange light, yellow light, green light, cyan light, purple light and purple filling functions are different to open at the same time.

9. Calcium supplement function: when the calcium supplement function is on, the calcium supplement lamp is on.

10.When the set time is completed, the instrument will enter the standby mode and turn off all functions.


Calcium light: 320nm. After irradiating into the skin, it will undergo photochemical reaction. Promote the conversion of 7-dehydrogenated muscosterol into cholesteol in the skin, so as to promote the metabolic balance of calcium and phosphorus ions, so as to increase bone density and treat osteoporosis. Osteochondrosis and dysplasia. Prevent cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, endocrine and immune system diseases caused by abnormal calcium and phosphorus metabolism.


Red light: 635nm. High energy red light has strong penetrability, which is suitable for anti-inflammatory and anti seeping fluid. Accelerate wound healing. Improve the enzyme activity of cells. Change to ion metabolism. Reduce muscle tone. Relieve muscle spasm. Prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and cell variation. Red light is also used in neurodermatitis. Acne, burn. Scald. Muscular inflammation. Chronic cough, asthma. Arthralgia. Rheumatoid arthritis, etc.


I green light: 560nm. It has the effect of stability and relaxation. It has obvious analgesic and sedative effects on the sensory nerve. Therefore, it has better phototherapy effect on hypertension, hemiplegia and neurasthenia: green light is also used to treat asthma, menopause syndrome, neuroleprosy, kidney disease, diabetes and digestive tract disease. Expel toxins from the body, relax nerves, calm and hypnotize, and eliminate depression. Treatment of skin roughness, wrinkles, blackheads, powder, acne and endocrine disorders caused by fatigue and mental tension.


w. Blue light: 415om promotes the synthesis of protein and collagen and whitens skin and teeth. Suitable for newborn's yellow gangrene, allergic and oily skin and acne skin. Suppress bacteria control, activate and tighten skin and pregnancy wrinkles: when asked, it can also relax nerves and relieve pain. Reduce the high level of red blood cells. To remove tissues and improve the function of lymphatic system. It is also used to treat goiter clinically. Chronic heart disease, insomnia and menopausal syndrome.


V violet: 308nm. It can stimulate the secretion system and dredge the lymph glands, and its own function is weaker than that of red light. It has astringent effect on skin and mucous ulcer and acne.


5. Yellow light: 590nm. Freckles, desensitization, inhibition of skin melanin precipitation. Promote hair growth, accelerate wound and ulcer healing. It can enhance the secretion of adrenaline at the same time, which is equivalent to improving immunity. In medicine, adrenaline is used to stimulate the heart when the heart stops, or to dilate the windpipe when asthma occurs.


ViL orange light: 610mm. promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism and enhance thyroid function. Reduce cerebral and coronary atherosclerosis. Increase appetite. It can be used for the treatment of emaciation and anemia, especially for heart failure. It should be used alternately with blue light in the treatment of chronic heart disease and palpitation.


Viil ultraviolet light: penetrate deep skin, improve skin roughness, enhance skin immunity, improve skin redness and fever


Wi cold spray: the pore diameter of human body is about 0.02~0.05mm, and normal moisture is not easy to enter the pores to be absorbed. The water coming out of the spray is cut into 0.3-0.5 micron m (0.0003~0.0005mm), which can be easily absorbed into pores. The main function of cuticle is to protect skin and keep water balance.


So replenish water to the cuticle. When the water loss of the cuticle is serious, the skin will secrete oil to achieve the balance, which will lead to the oil out of the human skin, and the pores of oily skin are easy to block, resulting in acne; some special parts, such as the corner of the eye, will produce fine lines when they are in a water shortage state for a long time. Therefore, while hydrating, it can not only ensure the sufficient moisture of the skin, but also reduce the excessive oil secretion of the skin, and eliminate wrinkles and acne.


Wiil: hot compress: 1. Dry skin and oily skin are suitable for hot spray.


A. People with dry skin can use thermal spray to accelerate skin microcirculation, increase the temperature of skin surface, and provide sufficient water and nutrients for skin.


B. Oil skin can soften epidermal cells, expand pores, promote skin metabolism, and remove excessive oil on the skin by hot spraying with face steamer.


2. Hot spray can make up water efficiently and clean deeply. Because heat spray can help the skin open pores, let the skin absorb more water, can also promote skin metabolism, make the skin become tender and ruddy.


3. Heat spray time is too long will cause damage to the skin, the general use time is 8-10 minutes.


4. Thermal spray is more suitable for winter use, can relieve tight skin.


In order to promote the popularization of phototherapy. In line with the mission of benefiting human health and beauty. Specially selected and collated the original domestic and foreign phototherapy clinical medical literature and photocopied it into a volume. Free access to official authorized dealers around the world!


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